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Skin and Hair Care

Our skin is the largest organ we have and so it stands to reason we want to take care of it. We expose our skin to many elements and it is important to nourish it with good diet, drinking plenty of water, and using proper skin care products.


Young Living's Skin Care products hydrate, cleanse, nourish , and improve the appearance of our skin.
Young Living/ Skin Care-ART Gentle Cleanser
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ART Gentle Cleanser supports our skin giving it a
gentle cleansing on our face and neck. Your face will feel clean and refreshed with that radiant look.
Item No 5361 in the Young Living Product Guide.
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You will be able to order many more ART skin
products that contain high quality Young Living essential oil ingredients.

How to Use: Apply to wet hands, and in a circular motion apply to face and neck.


This masque I use routinely to get a deeper cleansing of the impurities. It is a blend of hyaluronic acid and pure essential oils. In addition, it has other added botanicals  the help soothe, tighten, and restore and support your skin.
It is used for all skin types.
How to Use: First wash and dry the face. and then apply the masque
evenly to the face. Let it set for 20 minutes. Remove with a soft moist cloth or towel.

ART Refreshing Toner

After cleansing the skin, use this refreshing toner to gently remove
 impurities without drying the skin. This is a perfect blend of
essential oils to balance your skin's pH, but leaving the skin fresh
 and clean, as well as toned.
How to Use: With a cotton ball, sweep over face and neck for a
morning and night routine.

Young Living/ Distributor #1515305
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ART Sheerlume' Brightening Cream

This is a blend of alpine botanical and pure essential oils. I love this gentle brightening cream because it is so gentle for my advanced skin.
How to Use: Apply a thin layer over a clean face for your morning and evening routine.

Complementary Products:

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                                                                                       Boswellia Wrinkle Creme

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