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Seed to Seal--Purity of oils

Young Living Seed to Seal

Young Living/ Seed to Seal-Distributor #1515305
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.......Quality Commitment

Young Living has guaranteed their quality of their oils by a seed to Seal process to assure their dedication for the best pure and authentic oils in the world. Young Living carefully supervises from the time the plant seed is dropped in the soil, to growth method, to cultivation, harvesting, distillation, testing, to sealing. Young Living stands by their product to assure us of the best essential oil.
Young Living believes in genuine, free from synthetic chemicals and unmatched purity for their oils. Young Living is known globally for their stewardship to see the process of the production of their oils rather it is o their own farms or partner farms.  
starting Lavender from seed-Mona, Utah

D. Gary Young travels the globe as well as his own farms to make sure the oils come from seeds and plants, their cultivation, and extraction is of the best quality to ensure absolute integrity. His years of experience know the optimum species and their genus, including chemo-type. D. Gary Young partners with university experts to verify their essential oils potential.


Young Living oils come from their farms in Ecuador France, and the United States where organic practices are adhered to with great care. D. Gary Young also partners with other growers and distillers all over the world. Some oils come from herbs in Madagascar, Indonesia, and Brazil. These co-op farms verify their high standards of growing and cultivation; meeting Young Living high standards.
Lavender field--Mona, Utah--Young Living


The timing of the harvest is one of the most important factors in producing therapeutic-grade oils. Great care is taken to harvest the plants at the right time of the season, and correct time of day to obtain the highest standards; changing time of the harvest can change the quality of the oil; for example, German Chamomile harvested in the morning will produce more anti-inflammatory compounds needed than if it is harvested in the afternoon. Other factors such as dew, blooms, weather conditions during the two weeks prior to harvest have an impact on the quality of the plants.
Melissa Harvest--Young Living


Young Living uses steam distillation; using gentle techniques for steam extracting separating aromatic constituents from plant materials The proper temperatures in distilling are crucial; Young Living uses the correct temperature. Gary is well known to be the leading innovator in distillation techniques. His methods combine traditional with modern technology without compromising essential compounds and quality, while many others who use high-heat do change the quality of oils. Gary knows he has the best quality of his distillation method by testing.
Distillation at Mona, Utah--
Distilling Lavender--Young Living Farm

Young Living also uses cold pressing and resin tapping for select oils.


After distillation the oils undergo both internal and third party labs. They exceed international standards, and contain optimal levels of natural bio-active compounds. Highest specifications are met and if they don't, they are not sold. Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils.
D. Gary Young & his wife, Mary
Mass Spectometry Testing-Young Living

Testing-Lab work-Spanish Fork, Utah--Young Living
Young Living have the 'state-of-the-art testing facilities'; their expanded space have "high-tech instruments that include a gas chromatograph and a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC/MS), which break down components of the oil, identify purity and strength, and recognize any possible contaminants. An ultra performance liquid chromarography (UPLC) instrument is used to test the occurrence of vitamins and other critical components in Young Living's dietary and personal-care products. This process further verifies the ingredients listed on every label of the products Young Living offers."-Young Living

The lab doubled its staff and employs PhD s, chemists, scientists, and microbiologists the years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutritional  fields.


The Young Living oils completed their journey in Spanish Fork, Utah. Their 107,000 square foot facility uses state-of-the-art equipment; each essential oil is carefully bottled into protective amber glass bottles--ready to be shipped to members worldwide.

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